calling all brides!

where to begin?

do you start with the flowers? (i always do, hehe)
or the venue?
d.j. or band???
is it the DRESS that sets the mood?
linen's, food, season, invitation... 

when there are so many things to think about 
where do bride's and groom's start 
when making the decisions for their big day?

with resources like and martha stewart weddings options are endless, the real hard part is determining for your ONE special day, which describes you best?

here are some helpful les fleurs hints on making the process a little easier

1. choose your venue
determining if your wedding day is going to be on the ocean or in a boston hotel will make a BIG difference on all the decision to come

2. confirm vendors
if your venue requires and outside catering company, start making appointments to see the recommended caterer's on the list, book vendors like photographer's, baker, a band or d.j. first... as they may have limited availability 
(*l.f. tip... choosing to work with vendor's on a site's preferred vendor list is ideal, the vendor's know the space and can make suggestions that is best for the space & your wedding day)

3. gown and attendant's attire
knowing the formality of your attire will defiantly help with the decor and invitation, 
which are the next decision's on the list

4. decor
this is where we come in :o)
flowers on a wedding day are like a bride in a gown... it's a MUST! whether the gown is white, ivory or champagne... your flower's may be a BIG, tiny, or just there because mom said so... 
none the less, they will be there and you, in your gown.

flowers are a great way to add personality and color to every table scape, bouquet's are a great distraction for nervous bridesmaids... they can't fiddle with flowers in their hands
 as well as a lovely way to dress any venue up

choosing chairs, table linen's, up lighting are all v.e.r.y. important when discussing your decor

5. invitation suite
the true first impression your guest's will have about the wedding they are to be attending.
it is important to work closely with your stationer, this is where your guests will understand 
the attire and tone of your entire day

most of all remembering that this is a special day that celebrates your love for each other and a reflection of your relationship is the best inspiration for every bride and groom on their wedding day 

take a look at these sites to help with all your planning needs...