bountiful greens

urns, window boxes & small container gardens

it might be too cold for our roses in the garden, but that doesn't mean our planters should go naked :o)

fresh, native greenery bring a warmth to the bare landscape during the winter months
pine, juniper, cedar, arborvitae, magnolia and boxwood to name a few

birch branches with carolina sapphire, german boxwood,
pine, juniper & arborvitae 

red dogwood with ilex berries, cedar & pine

i love when the first snow (not the kind on halloween weekend) 
just lightly covers the greens in the planters... it's so magical

shown on the table in the stone urn is a simple blend of
western cedar, german boxwood, birch with a metallic feather fern

magnolia and german boxwood in a minimalistic style
xo, the fleurette's