sunday, fun-day!

this is a fun (un-floral related) journal entry...

sunday fun-day

what is the meaning of sunday fun-day?
so i looked it up on urban dictionary and all the definitions refer to end of the week early drunk-ness, i always just thought it was a fun day that happened to be on a... sunday?  well our version of sunday fun-day was the beach in february with our adorable puppy, luka! 

(he's not really a puppy, he's a full grown dog. 
it's just that to me, he'll always be a puppy)

ryan (my amazing husband & occasional les fleurs employee) took luka and i to
north hampton, nh and rye beach today to walk along the
beach and climb amongst the rocks.

"amazing husband"

it's silly to think that it was enjoyable to be at the beach in february in new england.  a crazy winter we've had this season.  i guess mother nature is giving us a break after last years.  we did have to bundle up to walk along today but the temperature was great!

when were not splashing around the in the water (as we would be crazy to do so in february) there is more time to notice the little beauties at the beach

the colors in this shell are so pretty...
the shell was perfectly still a pair, both sides were attached

even dried beach grasses and weeds are so beautiful during these baron months

the lichen on the rocks all along rye's coast are an amazing sea foam green color
i love working with organic and natural color palettes 
our puppy luka seems to enjoy walking along the large rocks at the wall than the beach most times

i love the light in this picture, all these photo's i took with instagrams,
if you have an iphone, you MUST get this app
(i think you can get instagrams on other smart phones,
but were iphone users so i only know about that)

ohh i could just squeeze that little puppy he's so cute!!!  he's a little detective and likes to investigate everything.  here he is checking out the foot prints left by the sea gulls

the beach was filled with other people like us today, enjoying the unseasonable warmth.  dogs playing catch, little ones with their parents collecting rocks, even a few surfers.  this picture looks as tho no one else was there.  truly beautiful

as we continued north along the coast we stopped again past jenness beach in rye to climb the rocks and a few more photo's of the stunning coast line

we loved the colors in the rock and needed a few photo's of that too

i climbed to the top to look down along the stunning water

there's no trip to the beach without beach pizza!  even in february.  extra cheese, cristie's pizza in hampton!  our favorite!!  it's a must-have when your up at the beach, open year round, cash only.

thanks for spending the day with us, our "sunday fun-day"

xo... k, r & l