flower of the day: native lilac AND white anemone

flower of the day, thursday, april 26

native lilac AND white anemone

that is correct TWO flowers of the day... we couldn't let the anemones season end without it's flower of the day debut!!  we've had such crazy weather and the anemone will not be available past this week (so we've been told, but you really never know)

first... the native lilac

these DOUBLE petit blooms are super sweet!  and their fragrance is amazing! better than any perfume... the whole shop had the sweetest scent of lilac all day today.

for our second "flower" of the day... anemone

anemones have made themselves known in the wedding industry as the "it" flower this past year!  though their available season is limited they seem to pop up in everything!  most commonly seen in white with their rich black center makes them a stand out for black & white wedding decor.  other colors we see them in, white with green center, red with black center, light and dark purple with black center and fuchsia with black center... all of which are super cool!

hmmm... i can't wait to find out what next week's flower of the day will be!!


the fleurettes