in the garden...

it's been raining for the past 2 day's here so getting outside has been just a bit tougher.  all the lilac bushes are in full blooms and the yard smells amazing!  after the rain comes in, the air smells of dew and lilacs... so spring, a scent i look forward to every year for as long as i can remember.  

there was finally a break when it wasn't pouring so i put on my wellies and luka and i ventured out into the garden... out to muddle around and check the progress of the lily of the vallies, bleeding heart, solemn seal and so on...  

..lilies of the valley

i really need to get out and clean up my little garden beds...

ignore any weeds and missing mulch :o)

our lily of the valley grows only in my small courtyard garden in the center of my little oasis.  a few year's back when we started my little garden i wanted that english garden feel of a round central garden cut neatly out with pavers... it's soo sweet! white clematis grows up a black iron trellis in the center, during each season a different white blooms frames the base, in the spring it is a bed of lily of the valley, followed by white astilbe during the summer.

the lily of the valley is just staring to come up in the garden, it's quiet shady on the side yard and everything takes just a little bit longer.  some day soon it will look like this...

Lily of the Valley... May (spring flowers)


white bleeding hearts... 

one of my MOST favorite plants in the garden!  for some reason it gets smaller and smaller every year!  i can't figure out why it starts soo large and then only an 1/4 returns the following year, one day white bleeding heart will dominate my spring garden... im determined!!

with the exception of the heirloom forsythia and the lilac bushes, everything in our little garden is white, my favorite color for everything, home decor, clothing and flowers!!


 andromeda or pieris

this shrub is super cool!!  at the flower market we get andromeda a few times during the year... we love it at the shop!!

julie and i posing with ry and i's wedding andromeda :o)

(@ our old store)

 ryan and i used it in our wedding... it was everywhere, boutonnieres, centerpieces, it was in our bouquets... 

photo by, laura parent, relive photography

my 2 longest and dearest girls friends... lauren and lauren.

the drippy white bell like blooms in our bouquets is andromeda.

solemn seal

these neat little guys grow super tall and from their amazing leaving hangs tiny clusters of creamy white bell shaped buds.  

Solomon's Seal

at my aunt & uncle's in maine, they have the largest solemn seal garden i've ever seen in my life, there are hundreds and hundreds of plants... it's breath taking!

our little garden is in the very early stages so everything is quiet small... we'll get there.


as you all already know, this is clearly my FAVORITE plant in our little garden!! my white peony plant!  when it's in bloom it looks like this,

for right now tho... they just look like this


i love using these blooms in arrangements, there undersides are a different color from their tops, they look really cool.

well i guess for now i will just continue to visit my little plants until they start to bloom... ill post their cute little progress.


the fleurettes