tickled pink!

i’m just tickled pink!

over the weekend a client of ours had us create endless arrangements, all PINK!!  our design room was beautiful! even if you don't like pink

(how that is possible , i don't know)

you almost can't help but love all the prettiness in the air!  i thought we'd share!!

down the dining room table sat these 3 ombre style arrangements grading in color.  tulips, hydrangea, garden roses, peonies, hyacinth to name a few were in each piece!

this one was my very favorite! of all the arrangements, this one was soo feminine!

paler shades of pink, white and green were used with lilac, vibernam, lilies, snap dragons and soo much more used in the GIANT vase below...

such vibrant pinks here!!  ranunculas and peonies... so lovely!

after each arrangement is designed we put them in the cooler... here are our coolers... packed with wedding flowers, shower flowers, easter flowers and much more!

*note the MOST important thing in the cooler... starbucks! which gets us through the day :o)

so this would be our big van... packed and ready for delivery! it's a sea of pink!

pink crates for delivery even!! ;o)

until next time!



the fleurettes