brimfield, may 2012

what more can i say than...mud! mud, mud and more mud!!  in my previous post about venturing to brimfield, ma in the morning for the brimfield fair rain or shine... well you can bet your britches it was RAIN... oh and did i mention mud ;o)  despite the weather, it was still a great show... with some digging through vendors from all over the country and world... we came home with some new goodies for the home and garden!!  come by les fleurs to see what's new for this rainy may!!

this is an instagram of me standing in the mud!!
see, alot of mud, just like i said

some booths at the fair look like a yard sale gone wrong where other's looks like this... little treasure chests under white vinyl tents...

the windows along the tent wall are all mirrors!
approx. 12' tall and 5' wide, they were spectacular!!  now that would make a statement!

it just takes a little hunting to come home with just the perfect piece!  it can be hit or miss at shows like this... with over 5,000 vendors it's hard to believe you could leave with nothing... all thought we've never left empty handed!  over the years we've come across amazing finds!  an antique french bike, original windows from princeton university, antique farmer's pig trough, handcrafted iron tree's and much, much more!

some other amazing antiques around the booths... i snapped a few photo's of some amazing (and outrageously $$$$) antiques that deserved some recognition although they couldn't travel to les fleurs with us.

this trip was a bit quieter for us... but we couldn't leave without these cast iron rabbit's and duck's... there waiting from a perfect home, come by the shop for one... there are only a few available!!

xo... kerianne and the fleurette’s