bring on the fall!!

first day of fall... september 22

that's only 17 days away!!

so i figured i'd at least spare those of you who are summer lovers my excitement of the coming fall until after labor day!  but now... (in my book) summer is over, bring on apple cider, falling leaves and pumpkins!!  it looks alot like fall is coming around the shop too!!  just a week or so ago we changed some things around and are getting new items for fall everyday.

with each changing season comes new flowers and colors!  we are loving anything burgundy mixed with copper-y whites and all things orange!

bittersweet wreaths are available and stunning! starting around $65... they are a MUST HAVE for the fall!!

succulents are great in planters or zinc cups for the fall!

romantic shades of purple are a great palette for the fall without being the traditional red, orange & yellow

"amnesia" rose are shown in the bottom right corner... they are AMAZING for a muted, vintage fall arrangement

little white "snow berries" are such a fun accent we are lucky enough to see for a few weeks this season... we use them as much as we can in september!!

the "cobra" or serascinia lily is a fab-u-lous alternative to a calla lily if your looking for a simple liner bloom.

andover will be celebrating "andover day" saturday, september 15... fun savings in the great businesses down town!  please come by for all the amazing NEW items for autumn!



the fleurettes