how to... monogrammed pumpkins

happy halloween weekend everyone!

this weekend last year (2011) we were waking up to sooo much snow and ice we were not ready for, this year we are on alert for hurricane sandy coming our way, again something im not ready for.  we have no food in the house, 15 bags of leaves just sitting in the front yard and what am i doing to get us ready... this blog post on how to make your own monogrammed pumpkins for halloween.  

over the weekend our wedding couple allie and dave asked for a monogrammed pumpkin with their new initials for the fireplace mantle for their reception.  so of course i said yes! having never done this before i set out to figure what the best way to do so would be... now i shall share it with you

(this how-to is for scraping the letters in the skin, not carving the letters into the pumpkin)

1.  pick a pumpkin to your likeness, it's best if the pumpkin has a large smooth area for your monogram

2. choose the monogram text/size in a word document on a computer and print each letter for the size you need.  i choose garamond, A&D in font 250pt and the B is 400pt.  cut the letters out and tape them to your pumpkin in their desired location

(*remember the last name initial is slightly larger and placed in the middle)

3.  with a pin i made small pin holes all around the outside of the letters.  after you've finished, take the printed letters off your pumpkin and you will be left with a fine outline of your letters.  next your ready to start scraping.

4.  using a tool i found in my husband shaving kit i began lightly tracing along the pin holes and then scraping away the pumpkins orange skin.  the tool i used was small, durable flat edged with a small V to the point, i assume you can use any house-hold object that is sturdy with a sharp point.  DON'T press to deeply or you'll score the yellow layer of the pumpkin leaving what looks like scratch marks on your letters.

5.  i would suggest to do each letter, one at a time... double checking your placement before moving to the next letter.  wipe off your pumpkin and lightly rub vaseline over the monogram to preserve the skin around the letters, place out and enjoy!

happy halloween and stay safe with the hurricane on the horizon



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