trees, moss & river rock for an engagement party

an engagement party just off the

beaten path...

it all starts with an idea... and usually a little drawing i sketch up for my clients.  in this case, the scribble below is what i saw in my head and this is what i shared with my ladies,  the amazing team at table sensations.  debi and cheryl choose les fleurs to create table scapes for their client's woodland engagement party on the 26th floor of boston university's student housing.

to learn more about the ladies at table sensations follow their link here... 

table sensations

my little sketch of what's to come...

a hidden gem... the student center at boston university's harry agganis way's dorms.  on the 26th floor of the student's stunning housing is a private social space used for studies during the school year with an exception or two to host events.  maris and cole's engagement party was one of the two exceptions the school makes during the year.

the view is amazing from the top floor! (for some reason tho, the only photo i took was of the highway??... sorry) we were really taken aback at how much the study space had to offer as an event space.  the day was overcast, but still pretty stunning! 

ok... so back to that little drawing.  after asking everyone i know to cut down a tree with moss and cool knot's, hollow it out and deliver multiple sizes to my exact measurements,  we went straight to the professionals (as this was an idea silly enough no one i knew wanted any part of the making of these bark vases)

step one: 

find tree no wider than 10-12" around with awesome lichen and cool bark

step two:

cut the sizes requested by little ole' me... and they were practically 20 different sizes :o)

step three:

use a hole saw to hollow out each tree round for my arrangements. *so what made this so much fun, each tree round was a different size... therefore (yup you guessed it) each saw size was different, im not exactly on the top of the tree guess list of favorite anymore... BUT IT WAS SOOOO WORTH IT!!! the outcome was awesome!

step four:

choose and order ferns, begonias and succulents for the arrangements

step five: 

arrange plants in tree round and group for tables

this was a fun event to create pieces for!  don't get me wrong, i LOVE to arrange stunning flowers, but playing with plants, moss, trees... so cool & different

our coolers looked like they were filled with mini "designer forests" the girls said

here's how our little treats came to life in the room...  linen's by table toppers in newton, ma

2 style's of groupings on the tables... smaller guest tables had grouping of 3 tree stumps with mini designer ferns and begonia, large dinner tables held a single tree stump mixed with large ferns, succulents, moss, river rock and mini begonia plants

round containers covered in moss held floral arrangements on low cocktail tables the outlined the room

as a surprise to maris and cole the AMAZING ladies at table sensations designed these "trail maps" for the couple.  they were AWESOME, they opened just like a cute little pocket map with dates and places special to m&c.  the guides were added to the table scape on each table throughout the venue.

large tree stumps served at side tables... we stacked 2 on top of each other and added succulents, moss and a little candle light.

one of the favorite events i've created this season! such fun always with debi and cheryl, thank you again for asking les fleurs to be apart of maris and cole's engagement party!

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table sensations please go to their website!

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