flower of the week : purple dahlia : october 16th

flower of the week : october 16

our flower of the week is a real beauty, purple dahlias!!

we have had dahlias before as our flower of the week, but these are just too rich with color & gorgeous not to show off!!

dahlias are native to mexico & also their national flower.

these perennials are one of 20,000 species that belong to the same family as sunflowers & daisies,

the Aster family.

dahlias begin to grow in the spring season, through the summer & into the early fall.

many people use this beautiful bloom as a garnish on cheese & fruit platters, or as a decoration on pastries & cakes, but you cannot eat it.

dahlias love the warm weather & grow in many different colors, such as yellow, red, pink, purple, white, & orange.

xo, the fleurettes