product of the month : october : rosy rings candles & bittersweet wreaths

 product of the month : rosy rings candles & bittersweet wreaths

the fall season is


here, and we could not be happier here at the shop!! it is our absolute favorite season, so we had to have two products of the month this month!!

this past month we have been putting out so many beautiful items that just scream fall,

but we are really loving these amazing spicy apple scented candles from rosy rings

& these stunning bittersweet wreaths!!

first off, the packaging of the rosy rings candles is gorgeous. perfect as a gift for anyone,

you don't even need to wrap it!!

we already have it prepackaged for your with twine & anise.

(anise smells incredible, like the combination of spices & licorice)

the actual candle is a cream color inside an amber glass container & smells absolutely amazing.

we have had one burning in the shop the last few days, it's so delicious!!

& then we have bittersweet wreaths!! where do i even begin?!

a perfect decoration for the fall & upcoming holiday season!!

native to central & eastern north america, bittersweet is actually a vine that grows up to 15-20 feet long!! they first bloom as flowers, but turn to red & yellow capsules until the later part of fall/winter & then the red berries will appear!!

many people wrap bittersweet vines into a wreath design & use it in floral arrangements.

never eat these berries if you ever see them outside, they're poisonous to humans, but birds & wildlife feed off of the vine in the winter.

we have both small & large wreaths at the shop!!

more details coming soon about our expansion & open house!!

xo, the fleurettes