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heirloom rentals by les fleurs

from table top details to large ceremony decor (and a bit in-between), les fleurs collection of heirloom rentals is the perfect accessory for any event in massachusetts and new hampshire!    

with our store's expansion well under way, i thought it would be fun to share a little teaser of what's coming new on our (amazing and also new) website... coming to a computer near you early november!

urns,plant urns,outdoor urns

for those of you who visit our andover floral shop regularly, you've seen many antiques come into the shop... we thought what a great idea it would be to share these special and rare finds for folks planning events to use that one time instead of having to invest in the finds longterm.  everything (well almost everything) found on our sales floor is available for rent in addition to a large collection we've cultivated of table top accessories like vintage petit garden urns and french candelabras as well as large vessels and pedestals.  

rentals can be added to an existing flower order, rented with no floral needs from the store and have no minimum.  call the shop to put an order together... 978-475-9669 or email us, staff@lesfleurs.com

for our full collection, visit our


 and go to "heirloom rentals"

xo, kerianne & the fleurette's