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i come to work everyday (i'm not sure if it's fair to call what i do "work")... surrounded by amazing colleagues, special clients and beautiful flowers, does it get any better?  the women i spend my days with are some of the most cherished in my life, i am lucky to have these moments with them and in return they have had such a profound effect on me.  i feel what we do has a similar effect in the people's lives we touch.  flowers are there when babies are born, when we say "i do" and during times of sorrow... as well as everything in between.  sandra, danielle and i traveled to brooklyn, new york to take a floral workshop from the AMAZING sarah of saipua and nicolette of the little flower school.  it was wonderful seeing these women in their elements, i realized i do that everyday... i have that passion... i am that excited about the changing seasons and the flowers that accompany it.  hearing them talk about why they became florist and how to approach their craft was so inspiring.  i wanted to share our field trip to new york and the beauty that is saipua and the little flower school...

it took us 7.5 hours to get to brooklyn... worst road trip conditions ever!  we saw so many accident so we thanked our flower angles for getting us there safely!  when we pulled down the docks, along a very narrow alley, from the backseat danielle caught the only splash of color... the door to this amazing workshop with citrus hang alongside

once inside and out of the snowy, cold weather we were greeted by amazing folks there for the same reason we were.  candles, wreaths and flowers for days!! behold the beauty

the class we were taking was a winter citrus workshop.  we were taught about using fruit (which for you fleurettes' know we love to use fruits, veggies and other unassuming accents in our arrangements) and winter blooms together.

sarah and nicolette gave a great tutorial on the arrangements they were designing, shared a bit about their backgrounds and then went around the room gathering little bits of info about the other guests in the class.  it was so wonderful to see how many people wanted to do what we are lucky enough to call work.  out of around 25 women, we were the only professional florists.  most of the women were in the tech or engineering fields.  they all described being there for similar reasons, to be around beauty, learn an art and considering a career change to the floral industry.  we were there for fun and to soak up any information the girls were sharing, oh! and because sarah from saipua is basically a celebrity to me, she is my angelina jolie.  her work is inspiring, whimsical, unassuming and romantic... all things i love!!

sandra and i had the best time!!  we loved seeing every one's arrangements and how they saw flowers. 

it's like a painting... the mediums are all the same, the strokes are what makes it a work of art.  i tend to like neutral colors and more monochromatic flowers schemes, this class pushed me outside of my floral comfort zone, i really loved it!

here are mine and sandra's winter citrus arrangements!

a work of art by sandra

a work of art by kerianne

find something to do that you love, it doesn't need to be your career (if you are able to do that then life is great!) but a hobby or a new pastime... try your hand at flowers with our workshops at les fleurs.  i want to say a special thank you to sandra for sharing her passion with me and in return i share mine, now also flowers with all of you!

want to take a floral arranging class like we did at our shop in andover?  join us for our next seasonal workshop, april 4th.  email or call the shop to sign up!  for more details on the class see this blog post... 

spring seasonal workshop : save-the-date

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xo, kerianne and the fleurettes'