Rose et Marius Petite Perfumed Soap

Rose et Marius Petite Perfumed Soap


The beautiful patterns engraved on these petite soap bars were inspired by the floor tiles from the founder’s childhood home. Made with love by the craftsmen at Rose Et Marius, where we stopped with our last French tour group to learn the art of perfume making!

These petite soaps are scented with perfume from the "Haute Parfumerie" laboratories in Grasse, Provence and they smell amazing! 

100 grams.
Sold individually in decorated boxes: 2” x 2” x 0.75”

Fleurie - iris, jasmine, ancient rose, poppies, fennel blossom
Brune - fennel, pepper, tonka bean, pink berries, rose, nutmeg
Fig - fig tree leaves
Corsica - myrtle, juniper
Rosé Wine - raspberry, currant, elderberry, wood

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