My French Guide to Seeing Paris


It started many moons ago with my attraction/ obsession with France. I landed as a young, wide eyed girl from Boston. What I didn’t expect was how deeply I would fall in love with this beautiful city. My Paris (as I would call it) would not be filled with the daily tourist destinations, but rather me strolling the streets of Paris to uncover hidden treasures. I wanted to savour every minute and every bit of “Frenchness” I could get. Therefore, I made a mental checklist of my “must” haves for when I am back in Paris.

These recommendations are from my time living there (in my early 20’s) and from my numerous trips to the city with family and friends thereafter. This guide is my desire to share my affection and knowledge to other Francophiles like me

In two weeks I return to France to teach my first floral workshop and visit a few of these “special” places. The best part is that 12 of my wonderful clients will be joining me on this trip. Each day we have something amazing planned...gardens to visit, brocante shopping and of course lots of good food and French wine to drink. I look forward to sharing and hope you will follow along on social media or right here on our blog. Until then...

Merci beaucoup