The Meaning of Flowers

Why do we send flowers? 


Flowers symbolize both the beauty and fragility of life; their rich or muted colors and sweet fragrances can set a mood or send a message, often more effectively than words. A special arrangement can inspire or console us, and with fresh water and care, its vase life can be extended.*

flowers north of boston le fleur roses

Floral arrangements can be designed to convey many messages:

Celebrationto honor a new home, new job, new baby; a wedding, anniversary, birthday or holiday 

Sympathy to express condolence, friendship and community at times of sorrow

Welcome to greet visitors at the entrance of a home, to enhance window boxes of storefronts, or to welcome a new neighbor

Give Thanks to express gratitude to a friend, family, co-worker, teacher or war veteran


Long-Lasting Blooms

We are often asked which fresh flowers have longer lives; we have compiled a list below of some of our favorite time-tested blooms, along with the sentiments they represent, according to ancient or popular beliefs.

flower bouquet design north of boston andover

- gratitude, thanks, love, togetherness

Zinnia - lasting affection, remembrance 

Snapdragon - energy, grace, inner strength and protection

Lisianthus - appreciation, bond, tradition

Ranunculus - radiance, charm

Freesia - friendship, trust, innocence

zinnias north of boston andover
dahlias north of boston andover


With the recent tragedies from gas explosions in our community, as well as those caused by hurricane Florence, we are reminded of the uncertainties in life along with the importance of community and helping others.

We acknowledge that flowers are in fact a luxury, compared to the necessities of food and shelter, and to the comforts powered by electricity and natural gas, and that there are additional ways to help the immediate needs in our community. Efforts are just beginning, many of which are posted on social media. 

With the help and generosity of members of our community, we can rebuild and recover, and give thanks together, with flowers adorning our tables.

*See our website for fresh floral care instructions.