Garden Inspiration


Exploring other gardens is a great way to find inspiration for your own backyard. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit another friend’s garden, I’m eager to go and learn new tricks of the trade.

While I often get garden inspiration from others, I must admit that I primarily grow things in my own garden that I can also use at my shop. I tend to make garden decisions based on bloom time, durability and ease of care.


garden style

Last week, I had the opportunity to help a dear client style her seacoast home and garden for an upcoming garden tour. During the drive to Maine, we discussed how her home took shape after a major renovation which included a new carriage house and extensive garden overhaul. I was beyond excited to see the new landscape compared to the “before” photos. As we came around the corner to her street, I instantly knew which house was hers. It was love at first site.

Les Fleurs Sandra meets Maple Flower Farm Liz Krieg

The Gardens

It is said that a beautiful garden has many layers to enjoy, from both near and far. What I first noticed upon arriving was the home’s pergola, with clematis vine growning up the posts. Alongside the walkway was a beautiful display of white astilbe and lady’s mantle, shaded by the house. Further along, there were stone walls with rows of lavender, and salvia and hydrangea thriving in the open sun. Everything had its place.

garden-inspiration-gate-statue-pergola (1).jpg
garden-inspiration-gate-statue-pergola (3).jpg
garden-inspiration-gate-statue-pergola (10).jpg

a french touch

One goal for the day was to adorn this magnificent sanctuary with a touch of France. We started by placing a glass garden cloche in the hosta bed. Then, a little garden statue of a young girl holding her dress seemed perfect amongst the astilbe. Off to one side near the carriage house, we added two matching French urns which I found in Avignon on my last trip. These special pieces made the gardens truly unique. Sometimes, it’s the little things that get your attention.


a garden oasis

I was thrilled to see these treasured items placed (with love) in someone’s own garden oasis. I hope they bring as much joy to others as my own garden does to me.


keep planting

We hope this sways you to add a few pretty French treasures to your backyard and add plants that can up your floral game. It truly is a balance of beauty and function that sometimes becomes a life-long goal. I know mine is truly a labor of love!

Keep growing, keep planting... I’ll be cheering you along the entire way.



A few of my favorite perennials to grow and use in your florals...

-lambs ear
-lace cap or any hydrangea
-lady’s mantle
-peonies (of course!)
-French lavender
-hosta (especially variegated)
-solomon’s seal
-wild sweet pea
-any type of fern (love painted)
-lily of the valley

garden-inspiration-gate-statue-pergola (4).jpg
garden-inspiration-gate-statue-pergola (7).jpg