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Holiday Home

Merrimack Valley Magazine
Nov/Dec 2018

Style Editor and Set Design: Lysa PelletierAnchor Artists
Photography: Emily O'Brien Photography, Boston, Mass.

Merrimack Valley Magazine holiday home Les Fleurs Andover MA

“Sometimes the best alternative to a typical dining room for the holidays can be a barn setting. Carriage houses, barns, and other such warm and old-fashioned rustic buildings can be used as comfortable locations to adorn for your holiday feasts.”


 Abilene urns, table runner, Ariel ornaments, – Les Fleurs, Andover, Mass.


French cane bench, pine cone wreath – Les Fleurs, Andover, Mass


If you have an area outside the home that would make a cozy place for the holidays, take a chance and explore simple ways to transform it into something special.   


Selection of handmade wreaths, – Les Fleurs, Andover, Mass.


Photography: Emily O'Brien Photography, Boston, Mass.

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