French Lessons

To some, French is one of the most beautiful sounding languages in the world. Why though, are the words sometimes so difficult to spell? Like all Romance languages, French originated from Latin. When the French pronunciations changed and letters became silent, the spelling was kept in its original form. It would certainly be easier if Les Fleurs could be spelled Le Fleur, Le Fleurs, La Fleur or even Les Fleure! Truly, I have had all of these versions presented to me, but when I was thinking of shop names, I went with my gut and decided to keep the name “les fleurs” as I had heard when I lived in Paris.


I realize Les Fleurs is not the easiest to spell and even harder to pronounce, but I hope the next time you hear my story behind the name, you smile and think of the shop I would visit near my apartment in Paris. Wishing you all a beautiful week with pretty French blooms by your side. 


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