Relax and Recharge with My Favorite Herbal Remedy


After a fairly busy week around the shop, the weekend offers some time for me to relax and recharge. Being with family, making home cooked meals and strolling through my garden is how I love to spend my day off. As I walk around and see all of my perennials growing, the one that steals the show is my lavender.


Lavender is one of my favorite plants to grow in my garden as it's easy to harvest. When the purple hued flower shows itself, I often bring in a few sprigs to add to our fresh floral arrangements. Amy, our “head designer,” always has a big smile on her face when I arrive bearing gifts of lavender stems.

les fleurs andover dried french lavender pillow spray

Lavender is known for its fragrant scent but also has therapeutic benefits. While most folks have a tall glass of water or a favorite book on their nightstand, I have my lavender pillow sprays. They have a calming effect and help me to relax when I’m having trouble sleeping. I pump a few spritzes in the air and on my husband's pillow; he probably has no idea why it smells so funny but I enjoy sharing the benefits with him too :)


So the next time you are around the shop, please ask about our wonderful lavender sprays

Bonne nuit,



How to Use it:

• Add a lavender spritz to your pillow or sheets before going to sleep

• Place a few drops on a tissue and inhale

• Rub into the palms of your hands and inhale

• Add a few drops (2-4) to a general unscented body lotion and rub into your feet before going to bed

• Spritz on a guest towel and keep in your bathroom

• Spritz your room to decrease stress and induce a calming atmosphere