All About Tulips

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Tulips are one of the most quintessential spring flowers, providing the beauty of simplicity with an air of elegance. With their array of colors, tulips are a versatile flower for displaying and gifting for almost any occasion.

With spring around the corner, I’m happy to share a few fun facts about one of my favorite blooms.

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Did you know there are more than 3,000 registered varieties of tulips? New collections of tulips, mostly Dutch, are created yearly.



While many believe that tulips originated in Holland, they initially came from Turkey in the 16th century. The name ‘tulip’ is derived from the Turkish word for ‘turban’ due to the flower’s shape.



Currently, The Netherlands is the largest producer & exporter of tulips worldwide, growing and shipping nearly 3 billion tulips each year!


famous tulip fields

Every year, millions of eager visitors from around the world visit the famous tulip fields in Keukenhof, Holland. It’s known for its perfectly sculpted gardens and endless supply of tulips. Visiting this spectacular garden has always been a dream of mine and is definitely on my bucket list!



Tulips represent many different sentiments and specific colors often carry their own special meaning:

  • RED tulips = love

  • WHITE tulips = forgiveness

  • PURPLE tulips = royalty

  • YELLOW tulips = friendship


Enjoy the vibrancy of these popular blooms from now until late May.

Happy spring!


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